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Iowa Life insurance coverage

Life Insurance in Iowa

Life insurance has a place in financial planning. Life is uncertain, and you could be here today and gone tomorrow. If that happens, making sure those you leave behind are cared for financially is crucial. In Sioux City, IA, Heimgartner Insurance Inc. provides Iowa residents with the information they need to make informed decisions about life insurance.

What type of life insurance to buy?

Life insurance comes in two basic types: whole life and term life. Both are important and, for the average person, you can benefit from having them both as part of your financial planning.

Term life insurance

When you have a lot of financial obligations, term life insurance is an affordable way to get the amount of life insurance you may need. Term life insurance comes with a term. That means it will last for a set period, and when that time is over, you may be able to renew it, but the premium will increase because you are older.

Affordability is the attraction for young families. In the end, however, you have nothing. It just goes away.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance lasts for the entirety of your life. The premium will be a little higher than term life, but it will never go up. It remains the same forever. It also earns dividends. This allows you to borrow from the policy if the need should arise, and also, in the end, your policy will be worth in excess of the face value.

Having a whole life policy is a way to save if saving is hard for you.

Talk to the experts in Iowa.

When you need to get information or advice about life insurance, talking to the experienced team at Heimgartner Insurance Inc. in Sioux City, IA makes sense. Contact our office to speak with our team about your options.

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