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Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

Many animal lovers choose to live with their pets in-house. Pets provide companionship and alleviate loneliness, especially for single people who live alone.

But this comes with some complications, as some pets tend to be a bit destructive. A good percentage of people seek out renters’ insurance to protect them from expenses when their pets damage the landlord’s property. Disappointment follows as renters’ insurance does NOT cover pet damage to their nor their landlord’s property.

Heimgartner Insurance Inc. is here to help learn a bit about renters’ insurance and pets. We proudly serve the greater Sioux City, IA area.

Renters’ Insurance and Pets

Does renters’ insurance cover pet damage? As you read above, no, it does not cover all damage to property. This could be your property or your landlord’s. If any destruction takes place because of your pet, you’ll be on the hook for repair expenses.

Note, if your pet causes damage to other peoples’ property while they’re on your premises, this is usually covered.

Complications with pet ownership and rental properties cause some landlords to totally disallow pets on their premises as it is sometimes not worth the risk.

Renters know that people with pets must pay out of pocket for certain damages and avoid buildings with animals as this could lead to conflict with neighbors. Some landlords even require a pet security deposit to cater for any damage caused by pets in the building. Such deposits are non-refundable.

Renters Insurance and Dog Bites

A lot of insurance providers cover dog bites under renters’ policies. Some insurers require some details about your dog such as breed and other details to take them on. Dog bites fall under the liability section of your policy. Medical bills and legal fees are some of the expenses covered by such policies.

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Renters’ insurance does not cover all damage to property from pets, but some pet-tailored policies do. To find out more, contact Heimgartner Insurance Inc. serving Sioux City, IA and surrounding communities.

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