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Umbrella Coverage Protects Renters, Too!

Most tenants consider renter’s insurance as basic coverage that is a standard choice for wise renters of any age. At Heimgartner Insurance Inc., we tailor insurance to our Sioux City, IA customers’ needs, going beyond basic insurance to provide additional benefits. One of these options for renters is umbrella insurance, coverage that goes beyond basic liability and property coverage at a reasonable cost. It’s not just for those with significant assets, homeowners, and those who risk liability in their activities such as recreation. Still, when you go boating around expensive yachts, are renting while you look for another house with significant funds in the bank, or have other sources of financial exposure, umbrella coverage can be excellent protection.

Umbrella Coverage is Easy to Choose

As an add-on, umbrella insurance is easy to select and generally affordable, so renters can protect their assets and income in the case of liability and benefit from other risk protection as well. It’s increasingly an important option for those with a high income, high rent situation, who need protection even though they’re not traditional homeowners. If your recreational choices or other activities could expose you to higher risks, umbrella coverage can also provide a reasonable way to absorb surprisingly high liability in certain situations. Ask your Heimgartner Insurance Inc representative how this could apply to your lifestyle and provide benefits beyond your renter’s insurance.

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When buying insurance, you can benefit from specific coverage and multi-policy discounts by thinking about your whole financial and insurance picture. Let our experienced agents help you in Sioux City, IA answer your questions about insurance for your life today and planning for the future. We often have suggestions for our clients based on our experience, that get you better protected!

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