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Can I take my classic car out for a weekend drive under a classic car policy?

Unlike the vehicles people drive every day, a classic car provides a different experience, whether that experience is based on a time, brand, technology, or styling. Whatever turns your crankshaft, part of the joy of owning a classic car comes from driving it, so your classic car insurance policy should factor into your plans for driving the vehicle. If you are considering acquiring a classic car policy, contact the Heimgartner Insurance Inc. team serving Sioux City, IA, and we’ll create the policy that best meets your needs.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are different from everyday vehicles, as are the insurance policies covering them. Everyday vehicles depreciate with age and mileage, and your coverage is based on that assumption, while the agreed value drives classic car insurance.

Another key difference is how the two types of policies handle mileage. Classic car insurance is not designed for everyday use and almost always has an annual mileage limit. However, while mileage limits exist, you have flexibility in determining those limits based on:

-How often you drive and show your car

-How far you live from the show or rally locations

-Whether you trailer your car when traveling longer distances

So, if one of your goals in owning a classic car is to take it on weekend cruises, an estimate of your weekend driving miles should be built into your mileage assumptions when signing up for your policy.

Working with Heimgartner Insurance Inc.

The Heimgartner Insurance Inc. team is here to answer your questions and help you obtain the classic car insurance that fits your needs. If you are in the Sioux City, IA, area, call or visit us today for all your insurance needs.

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