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Do You Need High-Risk Motorcycle Insurance?

Heimgartner Insurance Inc. writes insurance policies for motorcycle riders in Sioux City, IA, and the whole state. Some of our customers need high-risk motorcycle insurance but don’t know they need it.

Insurance is a Must for All Motorcycle Operators in Iowa

The Iowa Motor Vehicle Financial and Safety Responsibility Act requires all drivers, whether they are driving a car or a motorcycle, to show financial responsibility after an accident.

Some of our customers read the law and conclude that motorcycle operators don’t need insurance.

After all, Iowa law allows motorcyclists to show financial responsibility by:

  • Obtaining a court judgment that they don’t owe any damages.
  • Posting a bond with the Iowa Office of Driver Services.
  • Agreeing to pay the other party’s repair and medical bills on an installment plan.
  • Getting everyone involved in the accident to sign an official release from liability.
  • Documenting full settlement of all charges arising from the accident.
  • Showing proof of Iowa motorcycle insurance.

It’s possible to stay out of jail without Iowa motorcycle insurance, but you must pay your way to show you have met your legal obligations if you don’t have insurance. In some cases, you will need to purchase high-risk motorcycle insurance.

Reasons Some Motorcyclists Need High-Risk Motorcycle Insurance

If your history with motorcycles shows you are likely to file a claim, you may need high-risk motorcycle insurance.

What suggests you are likely to file a claim?

  • You are male and under 25.
  • You have less than three years of riding experience.
  • You have a lot of speeding tickets or tickets for other moving violations.
  • Your credit score is under 600.
  • You have filed two or more claims for accidents in the past.
  • You have multiple traffic tickets or have been arrested for a DUI.
  • You own a super-sport motorcycle (a "crotch rocket") or use your bike in races.

High-risk motorcycle insurance costs more, but Sioux City, IA, area insurance experts at Heimgartner Insurance Inc. can help you find the coverage you need at the best price. Come in to see us about your next policy today!

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